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Oulaige's five major brands: Oulaige, Huirong, Yahui, Gente, Auri, Yuchen, continue to innovate and develop together. Five years of hard work, struggle to grow, and run towards a higher and greater goal!
●  2014
He bought land and invested in the construction of a factory in Donglin Town, Huzhou.

●  2015
Oulaige was officially established and put into production.

●  2016
Two new production lines are added, and the annual production capacity is increased to 13000 tons.

●  2017
Oulaige brand has dealers in major cities in China, with an annual output value of over 100 million.

●  2018
It has become the largest manufacturer of acrylic casting plate in East China, with six production lines and an annual capacity of 20000 tons.

●  2019
Innovative design of a number of equipment, access to national patents, selected as excellent employment base for college students.

Work with local governments to fight the epidemic and ensure stable employment development. The annual production capacity exceeds 20,000 tons and the annual output value exceeds 200 million yuan.