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Analysis on the wide use of acrylic panels in outdoor

Time:2021-11-09 14:48:19  View:3305
At present, more and more industries are developing the application of acrylic. Commercial display, light box advertising, furniture supplies, kitchen and bathroom, office supplies, acrylic hotel supplies and other industries are widely used. However, at the beginning, acrylic panels were used in more open spaces such as the construction industry. For example, canopy covers, curved telephone booths, transparent roofs, building lighting panels, wall guards between buildings, and so on.

The protective covers of telephone booths were almost everywhere in the early years. Due to the heat absorption and fragility of glass, the people who built telephone booths resolutely used acrylic panels instead of glass. Acrylic is easy to make and shape, has strong defensive power, and can withstand wind and sun, heavy rain and heavy snow. It is an excellent material for making. To this day, the protective cover of the telephone booth that can be seen is rarely damaged.

In addition, acrylic light boxes are more eye-catching on the street. The advertising light boxes at night are brilliantly lit and in various colors. The light through the acrylic panel becomes colorful and soft, colorful. In the daytime, it is shining and eye-catching under the sunlight.

Echoing the light box is the acrylic billboard. It also depends on the easy plasticity and high weather resistance of acrylic. Crystal clear or colorful advertising slogans and logos can be seen everywhere on the street. They play a publicity role and are refreshing at the same time. This is one of the reasons why acrylic panels are becoming more and more popular.