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Acrylic Sound Barrier
Scope of application
The noise barrier is mainly used for sound insulation and noise reduction of municipal facilities such as expressway, elevated compound road, urban light rail subway, etc., to control the impact of traffic noise on nearby urban areas, and can also be used for sound insulation and noise reduction of factories and other noise sources.
Product Features

Low cost:
Not only the production cost of the product is low, but also the light weight of the product can greatly reduce the load of the elevated light rail and elevated road, and reduce the project cost.

Strong wind load bearing capacity:
It has high strength and light weight, and can meet the requirements of different climatic conditions in China.

Excellent acoustic performance:
The average sound insulation capacity of the sound barrier is more than 35dB, and the average sound absorption coefficient is more than 0.84, which meets the requirements of various fields.

Good fireproof performance:
It is an inorganic non combustible material. The composite sound-absorbing glass wool, perlite and other materials also have good fire performance, which makes the product have excellent fire performance.

Good durability:
The sound barrier is water-resistant, fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant, UV resistant, free from rain, snow, wind, sand and other adverse weather erosion, with long service life.