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Acrylic Mini Character Sheet

Product Features
1.Wide luminous area∶
Among all the craft products, mini luminous characters can achieve large luminous area, especially charming at night, giving people a full, powerful and upward feeling, full of expression and very good visual impact.
After the light passes through the polymer acrylic panel, it will be scattered evenly, so there is no need to worry about the glare caused by the direct light.

3.Changeable colors and free Collocation:
In addition to the color of the polymer acrylic board itself, the mini luminous characters can also change the luminous color or partial shading effect freely through the film, so as to achieve a variety of luminous color effects.
4.Wide applicability:
Mini hairstyle is widely used in the signboards, decoration, and interior image walls of major brand counters, shopping malls and shops on the street.

5.Energy saving and high efficiency:
With the minitype special LED light source, the power consumption of each lamp point is only 0.1W. Through reasonable lamp point arrangement and acrylic surface diffusion, the light efficiency can be effectively utilized.
6.Strong resistance:
Mini luminous word interface is fully bonded and sealed with organic glue and 502 glue, which has excellent waterproof and wind resistance, and high molecular acrylic has strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, so it is suitable for installation in various harsh environments.
7.Long service life:
The mini light-emitting material is made of imported high polymer acrylic board, which is one of the acrylic materials. Its general life is 8-10 years, and the special LED light source for mini characters has a super long life of 100000-200000 hours.
8.Simple maintenance:
Because of its simple structure, the maintenance is much simpler. If the external mold is scratched, just stick the film again. If the LED lamp is burnt out, open the bottom box and replace it again.